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Performance Edge offers chiropractic care in the US for people and animals. She also works in Alberta and British Columbia providing biomechanical and muscular realignment therapies for people and animals large and small. As a licensed US Chiropractor, and Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner,  Dr. Joni Vachon has been providing relief and optimizing performance for her clients for over 15 years.


Dr. Joni's clients have included top International and Olympic riders in Show Jumping and Eventing. She has helped countless people with chronic head aches, back, neck, extremities and TMJ problems. In addition to holistic realignment thereapies, Dr. Joni  employs cranial sacral manipulation, and is incorporating "Flow" therapy and Photonic Red Light therapy and cold laser techniques.


Dr. Joni also works with animals, practicing a range of holistic theraputic modalities. Her animal clients include show horses, agility and sporting dogs, and faithful four-legged companions of all types.


Call Dr. Joni direct in Alberta (403) 678-8344 or in the US at (505) 969-8861



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